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Brooklyn Breastfeeding

Denise McDonald
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Specializing in:
  • Latching difficulties

  • Slow weight gain/weight checks

  • Milk supply issues (low or oversupply)

  • Plugged ducts/mastitis

  • Thrush concerns

  • Feeding strike

  • Tongue Tie and other oral anatomical challenges

  • Breastfeeding multiples

  • Exclusive Pumping

  • Tandem Feeding

  • Weaning/partial weaning

  • Back to work pumping

Note: Prenatal consultations are offered as a Virtual Consultation under Services.

Aetna In-Network provider

About Denise

Denise McDonald is a certified IBCLC in private practice and lives in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with her husband and 2 sons. Providing safe, competent and evidence-based care to families seeking support to achieve their breastfeeding goals. I’ve supported mothers with low milk supply, oversupply, mastitis, blocked ducts, and back to work concerns among many other breastfeeding concerns. I am a member of New York Lactation Consultants Association (NYLCA), International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA), and United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA) and keep up-to-date by attending conferences and webinars related to my field.


Office appointments
typically last 75 minutes and include a more thorough feeding assessment.

Virtual appointments typically last 75 minutes and are offered through a secure Zoom space.

Support Group/Classes

Coming soon!



Denise is amazing! Her support and expertise got us through an incredibly bumpy start to breastfeeding (NICU, latch challenges, low supply, tongue tie—we had it all). There is no way we would have made it through that time and continued to breastfeed without her! She’s not only a responsive, super-helpful expert resource but also incredibly empathetic and kind, which was so needed during such a vulnerable and stressful time. Denise’s steady, kind guidance meant the world to us and we would highly recommend her!



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Voicemail: 718-596-4777
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