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Office Visits


135 Union Street – Garden floor in Brooklyn NY.


First we’ll assess your goals for the consultation, usually shared prior to in-person consult. 

In-person is reserved for breastfeeding/bottle-feeding concerns however it can be utilized for exclusive pumping concerns as well.


The time allotted is usually 75 minutes for 1st visits and 60 minutes for follow-ups.


Items we can address during the consultation:

  • Assess baby’s abilities at the breast whether there’s a weight gain concern or latching concerns

  • Pre- and post-feed weights to see how much milk baby transferred

  • Work with you to improve latching and positioning if needed

  • Determine the likely reasons for the problems you’re experiencing

  • Provide tools and tips to help you and your baby breastfeed comfortably

  • Work with you to come up with a plan that helps you reach your breastfeeding goals

  • A report of the consult will be sent to you for your records usually within 12 hours.

  • Follow-up emails are included for 2 weeks to help you tweak the plan, wean from the plan, or answer any questions that arise as you navigate breastfeeding 

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