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Recommended Websites

Facts and Tools to Understand Your Coverage under the Health Care Law – The National Women’s Law Center step-by-step guide for drafting an appeal letter to send to your insurance company with your superbill/receipt.

Global Health Media Videos:

Good attachment will help a baby get more milk and make breastfeeding more comfortable. 

Breastfeeding Series

Breastfeeding Basics and Benefits – An educational collaboration with The Affordable Care Act and Women’s Health with some wonderful links to the benefits of breastfeeding along with going back to work and pumping and storing breastmilk.

Kelly Mom Breastfeeding – evidence-based and up-to-date information regarding breastfeeding.

La Leche League of New York – Helping mothers breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education.

NYLCA – New York Lactation Consultant Association

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